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Welcome to our website " ChongqingDog.org ".
China has a long tradition of dog ownership, and is the place of origin of a number of breeds well-known in the world. Most of them are ancient and unique.
China is rich in biological resources. Until now, there are a number of native Chinese dog breeds still live in their cradle, most of them are undiscovered outside of China, some of them are even unknown outside of their region of origin. 
Founded in 2001, we specialize in promoting and encouraging the breeding and protection of the Chinese Chongqing dog, and making the public pay more attention to all the Native Chinese Breeds - "One of the China's greatest hidden treasures".
Our position
We should keep the standard stays the same in the world, the Chinese Chongqing dog should not be crossbred with any other breeds;
As a working breed, it's important to remain the breed functional;
We are strongly against dog fighting.
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NOTE: In case of discrepancies in translation, Chinese supercede English.

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