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The Chinese Chongqing dog is an ancient and unique breed, thought to have been in existence since the Han dynasty in China. The origin of this breed is Chongqing, located in the southwestern region of the China. The Chongqing dogs are used for hunting ( scent hound ) and protection of the home, they are good working dog and family companion.
The Chinese Chongqing dog is quite different from many western breeds, it is known that many western breeds are "man-made", but the Chinese Chongqing dog is a "natural" breed. They were bred for centuries with little regard for conformation, but solely for their working capabilities, and in the old days, geographical isolation make the breed remained pure without the interference from the outside( Introductions to Chongqing ). They shaped by the forces of nature, natural selection has successfully eliminated undesirable traits in the breed. Therefore, no known major health problems exist in the Chinese Chongqing dog.

 Live with the Chinese Chongqing Dog

The Chinese Chongqing dog is adaptable to country or city living if they are sufficiently exercised. This is a dog of medium size, they do not need a large space, they will do okay in an apartment, but they do need regular exercise. 
The Chinese Chongqing dog is a natural hunter and should never be allowed to roam without supervision. But after introducing, they can get along with your other pets very well.
The Chinese Chongqing dog's coat is short and requires minimal routine brushing to keep it healthy and in good condition. Bathe only when necessary. 


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